Feng Shui

mason-fFeng Shui are studies of magnetic field or chi that available on earth and how it affects human. Feng Shui literally translated as “Wind” and “Water”. But the true meaning of Feng Shui is directional influence as appear in compass and also the environmental factor such as water, hill, buildings and etc…

Our Feng Shui practices are purely believed on real CHI – Energy. Thus, do not involve any religion practices as well displaying a decorative figure or numbers.

Feng Shui is also not about how well your home decor, but the influence of compass direction/magnetic force to an individual. Every individual’s destiny or energy has their own preference codes. You may think it as frequency, different receiver unit(person) required different frequency. Some method using year of birth or the horoscope, to judge a person into which group or direction that auspicious to them without reading their fate/destiny chart.

We can identify these individual Feng Shui preferences by analyst a person Zi Wei Dou Shu chart.


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